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ABOUT Horace Horrise catches a Shoplifter

Published: 16th November 2018


Horace Horrise is the UK's funniest, liveliest and naughtiest young person, with grown-up stories for grown-up kids (and kids) about an eleven-year-old who thinks he's grown up - but isn’t!


Horace has to help with a spot of fundraising in order to buy a new troop tent and a day's bag packing has been arranged at the local supermarket. Horace can think of nothing worse and plans to have a phantom illness on the morning in question but then he's told that the one who raises the most money gets to keep some of it. So he's converted.


Horace and his best friend Charlie take up their positions at the checkout and begin to charm the shoppers into parting with some cash - each time giving a spurious reason that has nothing to do with tents. However, some shoppers aren't what they seem and before long the pair have another agenda, albeit inadvertent, that of rounding up those whose reason for their supermarket visit is less than honest.


Horace and Charlie are on course for minor celebrity status in the village, but in their quest to win the fundraising competition, take on one shopper too many. Soon after the results are announced they find that they are to miss out on a rewarding day out with the rest of their pals and instead are left behind on an activity that makes bag packing seem positively riveting. But who found them out and what did they do?



Horace Horrise catches a Shoplifter is the seventh in a series of nine stories that make up The Adventures of Horace Horrise, the 21st century’s answer to Richmal Crompton’s Just William.

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