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ABOUT Horace Horrise's Grandad gets a Haircut

Published: 1st March 2018


Horace Horrise is the UK's funniest, liveliest and naughtiest young person, with grown-up stories for grown-up kids about a kid who thinks he's grown up - but isn’t!


Horace’s grandad has come to stay for the weekend and neither is too impressed - grandad because he has been dragged away from his care home and Horace because his parents have arranged to go out for the day leaving Horace in charge.


All Horace has to do is take grandad for a haircut but, as usual, things aren’t that simple. Soon grandad has grandson under his spell as he celebrates his temporary freedom with a day of mayhem and madness.


However, not all is as it seems. For grandad has something up his sleeve, or in his wheelchair’s pannier bag to be precise, that will result in a major upheaval that no one - other than grandad of course - could have envisaged being the result of his mini-break.


Horace Horrise’s Grandad gets a Haircut is the fifth in a series of nine stories that make up The Adventures of Horace Horrise, the 21st century’s answer to Richmal Crompton’s Just William.

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