People, Places, Events...


I would recommend that you read the Horace books in order, but just in case you've picked up one of the later books, or you need a little reminding...


The Horrise Family

David Horrise: Father

Karen Horrise: Mother

Sam Horrise: 14/15-year-old son

Horace Horrise: 11-year-old-son

Olivia Horrise: 8-year-old daughter


Harry (alive) & Dot (decreased) Harris are Karen's parents


Friends and Neighbours

Charlie: Horace's best friend, scout

Tanya: Sam's girlfriend

Skip / John: Scout Leader

Archie: Scout, Patrol Leader

Susie: The Horrises' next-door neighbour


At the Allotments

Vera: First-aider

Trevor: Allotmenteer

Bert: Sloe Gin expert


Chislehurst Creek: Local folk band


Further updates will be added as each book is published.