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If you struggle to come up with original, fun and stimulating games for your young people, or are just looking for some new ideas, then 1,000 Fantastic Scout Games is for you. Designed for scouts, but appropriate for children of any age or persuasion, you will never be without a fantastic game idea.


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Not another book of games?! As a Scout Leader I was getting fed up with organising the same old games for my scouts and they were getting fed up with playing them. It was time for a change. I needed loads of games, of all different types, and in one book. I needed some that were quiet, some noisy, some wacky, but most of all I needed games that my scouts would want to play. Sadly that book didn’t exist so I set about writing it. 1000 Fantastic Scout Games is the result. There are in fact, with the variations, well over one thousand.


Most of these games require, if any, minimal amounts of equipment. Nearly all of the games have been tried and tested by my scouts or some of my friends’ scouts. I’ve tried to make the instructions as clear as possible without rambling on too much. Also I’ve listed them alphabetically rather than by type. I did try categorising - but failed. Most games belong in several categories. After all, many indoor games can be played outside and vice-versa, with the exception of wet and wide games. Noisy games can be quiet and quiet games sometimes get very noisy, so rather than attempt to categorise them I’ve just thrown them all in and apologise in advance for the fact that you will have to read through or take pot luck to find what you’re looking for, rather than just turn to a particular category. It’s therefore designed to be a book to either read through or dip into to find some gems that your group will love to play rather than a prescriptive, “You want a quiet game - here’s a list”. Some of the games have been given Top Fifty status. The games are all ones that ten to fourteen year olds particularly love to play, but nearly all of the games can be played by any age, adult or child, and not just scouts and guides but anyone who realises the importance of group play (as opposed to sitting alone and in front of a y-bother box with a jittery finger and the attention span of a goldfish - i.e. ten seconds). I'm sure that you will love 1,000 Fantastic Scout Games, if not send it back and I'll refund you in full. John Hemming-Clark. author


Amazon review: I'm a scouter from Idaho that collects games for scout aged kids, fun games, active games, indoor games, outdoor games. I ran into John's games on an international scouting forum and was immediately impressed. First: he gets it, being a kid is supposed to be fun, if you are teaching children and it isn't fun, it isn't interesting. Second: you can hide learning in a game. especially if you make it part of an adventure. And all scouts indeed all kids seek adventure. This book has more than a thousand great games that have been tried and tested by Mr. Hemming-Clark and his scouts in England. You can use them as is, or adopt them to your group. They aren't scout specific, they can be used by anyone who who wants to make learning fun (teachers?). Any scouter or youth leader will recognize some of the games, but there are also interesting new variations. Try the book, enjoy the book. Ralph

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